Image: A very comfortable pair of truck seats. Having a bad back made those a good selling point.

I've added a hood scoop to feed the ram-air induction system I've been putting together. The sweat was really popping off my forehead as I cut into a perfectly good hood.

Of course it had to rumble so I added a American Thunder cat-back high-performance exhaust system.

Then came a transmission line-mod valve to give faster, harder shifts and when brake time came I put in Hawk high performance ceramic brakes. Traction bars to prevent wheel hop as I accelerate past the Fair Oaks Police Dept.

So after all those minor mods, it should be cranking over 400+ horsepower. Actually most everyone I know accuses me of owning the fastest truck in the world driven by the slowest driver.

Also included in the image gallery are some memorable rides I've owned over the years.

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SVT Lightning : Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Current Ride 2001 Ford lightning 5.4 Liter Triton Engine

Hawk Ceramic Brakes Hawk Brakes JDM Line-Mod Valve

Lakewood Traction Bars Traction Bars Rear Going to get the mail

Kawasaki 400 1966 650 BSA Lightning Honda Chopper

1972 XKE 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 1960 Austin Healy Sprite
1970 MGB 1977 MGB 1948 Hot Rod (first car)