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About GS

Graphically Speaking has been my moniker since 1994. After studying art in Houston, Texas I worked for NASA on technical graphics for the Apollo program. My profession brought me to The San Antonio Museum Association for nine years where I honed a wide range of skills. Working there allowed me to wear many hats. I was in a position to design the art, do the production, bid and contract the printing, direct the art, photo shoots, illustrate my creations and occasionally polish the likes of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A wonderful job, working with great people.

Various job opportunities took me to Anderson Marketing group, also the former Atkins Advertising and to Ventanex, a Web Design firm. My road led back to Retail Promotions and Marketing (a spin-off of Anderson) and now I work for myself. I pride myself on staying within budget, working nights and weekends and I don’t remember missing a deadline.

I’m very proud of my work and care about the details. If a project calls for skills outside my expertise, such as Marketing or PR, I partner with a talented group of local creative folks.



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While its always nice to win awards, my pride comes from exceeding the clients expectations. My goal is to not let design get in the way of functionality or sacrifice great design in the name of usability.


In my opinion Graphic Design is not about personal expression. (I can do that in other ways) It’s not about having the highest score on some test of aesthetics either. I think it's about solving communication problems. My creativity is all about how I solve them.