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How can I share everything I'm interested in?? I can't. But I also love Geology, an old Rock Hound at heart, how they're formed, how old are they, where do they come from.

Also anything that flys, I learned to fly in 1969, bought a 1946 Cessna 140 and with the help of my Dad, rebuilt it in his Garage. He learned too, and at age 69, flying and tinkering with the airplane filled his midlife crisis.

I was going to add a section on Metal Sculpture. I wanted to show the art I've created in the workshop.

But, I think I've said enough about how wonderful it is to experience life and share it with the world. Maybe later.


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Other Interests

Welcome to my "Other Interests". My name is Jerry Lindemann and I make my home in Bulverde, Texas, with my wife Lynn, two dogs, a workshop cat, 22 ring neck doves, an aquarium full of fish and a herd of deer. If it sounds like a nature preserve, well it kind of seems like that to us sometimes, too..

When I was about 4-5 growing up in Comfort, Texas, my Dad who owned a Garage, used to hand me an old carburetor or starter motor when I was with him at the shop and encourage me to take it apart and put it back together. (I think that was his idea of day care) That had a profound effect on my future. I learned to instinctively "figure out" how things work. So now when something breaks around the house I don't have to hire (not all the time anyway) someone to fix it. And I thank him for that unique form of home-schooling.

My mother was a gifted artist who tinkered with crafts, ceramic painting and the fine arts of Bluebonnets, she no doubt was responsible for my artistic interests. I hope I can honor her gift in my lifetime.

That loving combination and living in a country environment was a unique catalyst that let me be free to explore anything that clunked, clattered, crawled or flew. And I did so with ernest.

Now I have my own life which I share with an extraordinary woman who keeps my feet on the ground.


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Married to my amazing wife Lynn for 16 years and fortunate to live in another country setting.

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Other Interests