Featured Interest: Nature

Image: One of the great Bulverde sunsets we've experienced , I never resist taking a picture when this rare event occurs.

Having been raised in the country, I guess makes me more sensitive to nature, her habits and her wildlife. I certainly believe that they own the land, it's theirs, I just share it with them, even the insects.

It breaks my heart to see the injustice progress imposes on them, the inconsiderate destruction of their habitat and the consequences our mighty progress brings with it.

At our house we try to balance our existence within their ecosystem by encouraging certain species of insects and birds that are beneficial to our small property and hope that it's enough.

I personally think, we as the more evolved species, are their keepers and should bear the burden of their well being.

Now that I'm finished whining, here are some images of our "nature".

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Yucca Main Pond Upper Pond

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Aviary Addition Aviary Roof Addition Buster the Garden Spider

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