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Image: Milagrosos Observatory, roll off roof design, built in 1992.

Scope shown: Meade 8" f4.5 Newtonian reflector on a Meade LXD 750 German Equatorial mount. The guidescope is a 80mm Celestron refractor guided by a SBIG ST-4 auto guider. The SBIG ST7 XE main camera has self-guiding capabilities, however, when imaging with a H-Alpha filter, many guide stars are hard to see through the dense filter. I've found it much easier to use a separate guiding setup allowing for a wider choice of guide stars.

This all sits on a 14" X 14" concrete pier that's isolated from the floor so it doesn't shake the telescope when people are walking around.


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First things first.

When Lynn and I married in 1990 I had to confess to her that Astronomy kept me out of the house at night whenever it was clear and many times because of the weather it was a last minute decision. Being the trooper she is, her understanding made my being an amateur Astronomer much easier.

When we bought the raw, cedar covered property, the first thing I built was my observatory. We camped out on weekends while clearing cedar (a God Awful chore) and I plotted and planned the construction.

Dedication of the 12' x 12' plus 6' deck came in 1992 at our first Star Party. After clearing a place for the house, construction on that started and finished in 1993.

The observatory has withstood the test of weather and time and continues to serve me well.


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