Alamo Cafe

This web site is a good example of a collaborative effort. Alamo cafe needed a website and selected NeuMedia as the company to merge it's complicated menu database into the website and provide custom programming.

I partnered with Parker Creative to provide creative writing and concepts and GS provided the graphic design, web page design and photoshop work. Another partner Dan Tharp Photographic Services provided the photography.

Displayed are the splash page visitors first see as an introduction. Also the home page that allows one to navigate between restaurants, and a menu page illustrating the food item popup capabilities.

A store section was incorporated to sell branded ware, gift cards and tortillas, a frequently requested restaurant favorite.


© 2006 Graphically Speaking



Key Features

Easy menu uploads.

Secure pages option.

Ease of finding information.

Integrated search engine.

User management system.

Online store for gift cards and brand products.