Alamo Cafe

One of the marketing pieces we suggested was a series of direct mail aimed at a specific customer base, present and future customers AC wanted to reach.

Drawing from the website design a series of direct mail messages was presented, designed to deliver a message that resonated with humor and would have the desired memory imprint. Parker Creative came up with some headlines that had everyone laughing, a very good sign.

Direct mail an be extremely well targeted in a number of different areas. Proximity, income, frequency of dining out, etc.   With new printing advancements such as variable printing, we can even personalize each individual piece by integrating each recipient's name into the creative message. 

Direct mail is also very effective for testing a marketing approach because the size of the audience can be controlled to limit exposure.

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Key Features

Carrying over the website design into marketing pieces that suggested strong continuity.

Down home humor.

A messgae and graphics thathad memory imprint.

A period flavor that suggested history.