Talk about a fun project! Let the imagination roll. Gambrinus had a reputation for producing advertising pieces that were fun but that also delivered a strong message.

What made this a particularly personal project was that I was chosen to portray the Swashbuckling Pirate that I designed into the piece (Coincidence, honest).

Of course, that meant a major wardrobe, much of which was provided by Chris Harris a co-worker at RPM. (Next time you're at a Renaissance Fair you'll probably see him slashing at someone in a sword fight.)

This marketing brochure was so successful they asked us to do the 2005 program.



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Key Features

Prominent product display.

Large, easy-to-read text and message.

Distinctive theme that suggested a free, fun, tropical origin.

Look closely at the Pirate.

On time and on budget.

Complete design and prepress production.