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Comfort, Texas, is a small town not really known for it's artistic opportunity's.

Fortunately, I have a God given talent, just plain hand-eye coordination that was encouraged by my parents and teachers at the high school. That was a lucky break for me because I couldn't make a living on my looks alone.

I studied commercial art at The Texas Academy of Arts in Houston, Texas under some really good people. Norm Baxter from Studio Ink was my illustration teacher. Because of him and others I slowly learned to develop a raw talent into a commercial product.

However, making a living at just illustration alone, at that time was beyond my abilities and I found myself gravitating towards the Graphic Arts part of the industry.

That was good, I made a living, but always enjoyed any opportunity to illustrate. The old airbrush became a friend, and when computers arrived it was a natural transition into Photoshop. Using both methods, drawing, scanning and finishing it up in the computer, allowed me to develop new skills.

Here are some samples.


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Key Features

Technical skills.


Photo retouch.

Science illustrations.