Not only was I fortunate enough to have started learning computers back in the 80's thanks to Terry Weakly from the old Lasers Edge but I was also fortunate to be onboard the web craze of the early 90's.

A group of Entrepreneurs asked me to join their web development company as a designer in the early 2 Ks and the world wide internet was suddenly before my eyes.

At the time learning a whole different production art form was something I didn't have time or the patience for, but with my technical and advertising background I could certainly design the look and feel customers were looking for.

Eventually with the bubble burst of HiTech stock a few years later my company moved towards "Automatic Check Handling", thinking there was a more solid future in that process.

And there probably was, but I had a better offer I couldn't refuse.


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Key Features

Design a brochure that conveyed the company's objective. At this time we turned checks into wireless cash.

Hi Tech look and feel.

Strong brand identity.