Pace Picante

Aha!, not everything was a technical grind, we produced a hilarious newsletter for Pace that was written and designed by Dirk Ronk (copywriter) and Kurt Gustafson (designer). I'd go by Kurt's office and they'd be rolling around on the floor laughing at the things they came up with. OK, so how does that impact me, well, I'll tell you. I had the honor of making their crazy ideas come to life and create the photo illustrations for the newsletter. It was based on a National Geographic look that as improbable as the photos looked you could never be sure at first if the Fire fighters in Flame suits hosing down a huge fire over dinner was real are not.

Of course it was something related to Picante sauce being so hot Fire fighters had to be called to extinguish the flames.

And this one was pointing out the savings people realized by buying in quantity.

Fun stuff.


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