Sally's Salsa

For many years, I worked on the Pace Picante account doing the production and some design on the hundreds of labels the company generated for its premier line of Picante Sauce and the other brand labels it sold to restaurants and wholesalers.

After Campbell bought Pace and I moved on to other places, the contact person from Pace started her own line of Salsa (very good. too). I was honored to have the opportunity to work with her again and design and produce the new labels for Sally's.

It's a challenge to get all the information needed for a label into the small area allowed and still make it look good. Since she was red headed and she wanted to show examples of vegetables used, the final result were inevitable.


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Key Features

Different heat levels needed their own identity while retaining the design.

Differnt styles of Salsa needed to reflect the ingredients in the design.

Texas feel.