I got the feeling when I was asked to do the design and production on this hot potato no one wanted the responsibility of it's failing the intended job. That was to convince people of San Antonio to vote for a 1/4 cent increase in sales tax.

There were lawyers involved, pondering the slightest meaning in copy, rewrites and changes you normally don't see. The Account Executive was a tiny little thing, but in my estimate was one of the biggest forces driving the brochure and it's content.

Then, just as we were ready to wrap it up there was an untimely death of a major player. That was very unfortunate, but he had laid the groundwork well and the wheels continued to roll.

The agency was coming up for review of it's account status and I had the feeling some were worried if the brochure didn't convince the people of San Antonio that this tax increase was a good thing, they might lose the account.

Well it did and they didn't. It had English on one side and Spanish on the flip side.


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Key Features

Easy to read type for the elderly.

Images that spoke of San Antonio and it's residents.

A powerful yet sincere message.