Witte Museum

The Game Dinner committee did a superb job of raising funds for this invitation. I was able to design in little perks such as blind embossing, foil stamping and die cuts, something you don't see everyday. And a black and white photo tinted with color to boot.

Working at a non-profit institution was a lesson in budgets, there wasn't always a large budget to produce the design you envisioned so it became a balance of design versus functionality.

To achieve a more expensive looking piece, I sometimes used a paper that had character, mixed screens of color in one, two, and three color applications. A very cost effective way of designing something nice and within budget.

This Game Dinner was one of the most successful recorded.



© 2006 Graphically Speaking


Key Features

Strong attention grabbing imagery.

Blind embossing.

Foil stamping.

Die cutting.

Tinted photos.

Complete design, production and print buying.