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Richard Martin, pictured above, was one of my many diving buddies. Richard was a long time friend and like myself an Artist. I met Richard at Warren Reed and Friends in 1978. WR&Fs was an Artist's Studio back when things were simple, organized and a larger Agency would come to them to buy their concepts and final art from a diversified group of talented Artists.

I guess the bigger agencies didn't want to hassle with staffing the right person or pay the health insurance or Social Security taxes that came along with a full time employee. (Or just maybe the Artists didn't want to work in a rigid environment)

Years later we discovered the amazing tranquility and beauty of Scuba Diving. Some good times indeed.

Richard died the early part of 2005 from cancer, I dedicate these image pages in his memory.

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Scuba Diving : Image Gallery
 Image Gallery

Belise Trip Cowfish, Bonaire Brittle Stars

Crown of Thorns Cuda, Turks&Cacios Spotted drum, Belise

Green Moray, Belise Filefish Gray Angelfish

Grouper Tube Sponge Stingray

Old Anchor Hey look, shark! Queen Angelfish
Seafan Star Coral Lobster