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Image: Outside of the house used as the inner wall of the workshop.

age: Outside back of the workshop.

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Yeah, well you can't keep up 4+ acres unless you have a workshop for maintenance, fixing birdhouses, sprinkler systems, repairing weedwackers and such.

I really don't know how we managed with just a work bench in the garage for all these years, but finally my ever supporting wife said, "why don't we build a workshop?". My Kinda woman!

So we did! Trying to decide on a self standing or add-on to the house construction became an issue. But, considering water and electric, it became apparent that just adding on to the house was the answer.

It's not that I didn't have the tools to fill a workshop because I certainly did, it was how I arranged them that concerned me. Then came my needs...a compressor to drive air-tools and blow stuff off. Man, this was exciting! A place for welding, lumber storage, future room for a tractor, those were things I'd never considered before.

Also, a contactor to build the shell (we wanted to finish out as much of the interior as we could). We decided on a size of 18' X 30'. That being settled, we broke ground in 2002, and it's been one of the most enjoyable construction projects we've ever added to our homestead. Lynn has one end as a crafts area for her sewing, gift wrapping and artistic endevors. I have the rest to fix things and tinker things together.

My neighbor was junking his garden tractor and gave it to me just to get rid of it. Hoo Boy, an opportunity in the making, I treated it like a Hot Rod and rebuilt the little machine. I couldn't have afforded one before, but with a $100 and some time I now have something I've always wanted.

Finally, a place to build the Aviary addition doors!



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